Analytics & Measurement


In order to fully understand the performance of your website, its strengths, and its weaknesses, your analytics package must be configured correctly with the right reports configured to capture, monitor and present critical metrics.

We take the time to understand your requirements, discuss recommendations based on our experience, configure your reports, and test their outputs.

We cater for one-off setup projects, ad-hoc reporting requests, and on-going report production.


Organic Marketing

How We Report

Google Analytics

We track all our campaigns through Google Analytics as standard. We also run Analytics Setup & Audit packages for business who need clarity on their account and its data. 

As standard, we will build upon your current setup to ensure both parties have full visibility over the work being carried out and it’s impact on your domain.

Time Tracking

In order for us to learn, we track our time on each project. This allows us to understand how much time each element takes and how we can cut that time down so we can spend it on other elements. We quote how much time we would need at proposal stage and all time is rolled over if not used.

This is also handy for your accounts!

Google Search Console

Search console is, at best… inaccurate. Unless you use the API! 

Our search console data is downloaded through an API so, we can grab as much data as we like! We use this data in a range of different reports to get the most out of the platform:

And now with the introduction of GSCs 16 months data we’re able to do more with your sites statistics.

Ticketing (Project Management)

We project manage everything. 

Our PM platform allows us to track every tiny piece of work we complete on any project. This allows us to fully understand, review and feedback where a project is up to at any given time.

We also link our time to our tickets too.

Keyword Tracking

Keywords, recently have been staged in a bad light… We’re not here to manipulate the search engines.

We’re here to improve Google’s perception of your domain and to do that we need to know where your key search terms rank.

To run your business, you need to know too.




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